High pressure flexible hose conveys sand or other abrasive materials engineered for sand/shot blasting purposes or Ordinance factories, steel furniture, manufacturing workshops, heavy engineering industries and so on.


JYOTI have the distinction of being the only manufacturer to have been granted Certification Mark License for this item.


  • Lining : Extra thick seamless tube of natural rubber soft compound of high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistant and free from any mineral filler.
  • Reinforcement : Rubberized woven textile.
  • Cover: Smooth, cloth – marked finish, natural rubber compound resistant to weather and abrasion.
  • Electrical bonding : If required by the purchaser, a copper wire comprising a number of strands is incorporated between the reinforcement plies to provide electrical continuity along the whole length of the hose.
  • Temperature Range: 400 F to +158 0F
  • Length: Up to 18.5 meters.