It finds its application in almost every workshop, steel mill, ship building and Power Station, Repair Yards and so on.

Exceptional Features:

  • JYOTI has ISI Certification Mark License for welding hose for both woven Textile and Braided Synthetic fibre construction.


  • Lining : Seamless tube of a blend of Natural and Synthetic rubber compound resistant to fuel gas, oxygen and other non – combustible gases.
  • Reinforcement : Plies of Woven textile or braiding of high strength synthetic fibre.
  • Cover: Plain or fluted cover of rubber for lasting performance under severe working conditions.
  • Color:
    • Red for fuel gases and
    • Blue for Oxygen and other non – combustible gases
  • Temperature Range : – 400 F to +158 0F
  • Length : Mandrel made hoses upto 18.5 meters, Moulded braided hoses in continuous long length.