• Concept: JYOTI PVC water stops are profiles based on specially formulated plasticized PVC compound. These are designed to meet specific requirement of building industry. It essentially is a device against possible risk of discomfiture that tends to be caused in concrete structure following climatic. Geo disturbances and frictional impasse. This phenomenon results in expansion and contraction in concrete structure. This expansion and contraction results in leakage/ seepage of water exposing the structure to risk of cracks or dismemberment.
  • Scope: It is used in almost every strategic concrete structure such as Dams, Canals, over Head/Under Ground water tanks, swimming pools, Basement, Bridges, Road embankments, retaining walls, high rising multi storeyed buildings.
  • Range: JYOTI water stops are available in various formulations and permutations to be used in both water retaining and non- water retaining concrete structures. The range comprises of ribbed, ribbed with central bulbs. Dumb bell kicker types in variety of formulations to suit diverse applications in sized varying from 80mm to 305mm width.
  • Advantage: its basic advantage is in its time of fixing. It works as a sealant and it is fixed on predetermined place while concrete slab is lain. It is easy to install. Easy to weld at site and at required angle and shape
Density                                                                                                           :                          1.32 kg/l
Service                                                                                                           :                            -20o C

Temperature                                                                                                 :                           + 57o C

Tensile Strength                                                                                           :                             14n/mm2
Elongation at Break                                                                                      :                           300% min
Maximum Hydrostatic head for thickness 3 -12 mm                              :                            10 – 16 mts.

CONFORMING BS: 2571 & BS: 2782 & BIS: 12200

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