• Lining : Uniform lining of suitable rubber compound resistant to all grades of petroleum and blended products having aromatic hydrocarbon content not more that 25%
  • Reinforcement : Plies of natural synthetic woven fabric rubberized with a suitable compound and two helical GS wires. (as per IS 280/78) embedded in the reinforcement plies in the case of smooth bore and in rough bore hose, the first is internal and the second is embedded.
  • Electrical Bonding : A copper wire comprising of a number of strands is embedded between the reinforcement plies to provided electrical continuity along the whole length of the hose.
  • Cover : Chloroprene rubber outer cover having plain or corrugated cloth marked finish, resistant to oil abrasion and weather.
  • End connections : The hose has built in nipples with or without flanges as per customer’s specification. I-D (mm) Max Length (meters) Up to 100: 15.00/ Up to 200: 9.0/ above 200:7.5
  • Temperature Range : 400 F to + 200 0F