This hose is primarily intended for loading and off – loading of road & rail tanker vehicles carrying petroleum and blended products having and anomatic hydro – carbon content of approx. 25% (Max.)

Exceptional Features

JYOTI has ISI Certification Mark License for Road and  Rail Tanker Hoses Conforming to IS : 10733/83 – Type – IB & 2B (smooth bore)


  • Lining : Uniform lining of suitable rubber compound highly resistant to petroleum products. The lining is seamless up to 75mm NB.
  • Reinforcement : Woven textile, which is well rubberized from both sides with a suitable rubber compound and a helical GS wire (IS 280 – 78) embedded between the fabric plies.
  • Cover: Smooth or corrugated high grade chloroprene rubber compound for an excellent resistant to weather abrasion and petroleum products.
  • End Connections : Soft ends or the Hoses can be supplied with Built in nipple/ flanges on request.
  • Electrical Bonding : A copper wire comprising a number of strands is incorporated between the reinforcement plies to provide electrical continuity along the whole length of the hose.
  • Temperature Range : – 400 F to +200 0F
  • Length : Up to 18.5 meters (Max.)