Composite hose made from polypropylene fabrics and films with an abrasion resistant PVC coated fabric cover. Inner and outer wires are galvanized mild steel.

  • CLASSIFICATION: Fuel and Oil Group
  • COLOR CODE: Available in any colors- Please specify at time of ordering
  • PRINCIPAL APPLICATIONS: Hose specially designed for the transfer of petroleum products by road Tankers, Rail tankers and loading gantries.
  • MANUFACTURE: Complies with EN 13765 Type 2hose where electrical continuity is maintained by both hose wires being securely connected to the fittings (less than 10 ohms). The hose contains a barrier layer for 100% aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • TEMPERATURE: 300 C to +80 0C
  • SPECIAL APPLICATION: It can be supplied with both inner & outer wire aluminum to reduce weight. These hose are called as Anti – Spark LL Hose.