Rubber mats are used as floor covering around electrical panels as a safeguard to the life and limb of the work men due to possible leakage of current and short circuit. Rubber mars are used in power generation plants, sub-stations, workshops etc

Exceptional features:

JYOTI the only manufacturers in the whole of North India to have been granted Certification Mark License for Rubber Mats as per IS- 5424


  • Composition: Manufactured out of rubber compound of high quality Natural Rubber.
  • Surface: The rubber mats have chequered, anti-skid fluted design or plain on one side and plain at bottom as per the requirement of the purchaser.
  • Thickness Range:5mm to 25mm for chequered or fluted 6.5mm to 25 mm for plain.
  • Length* Width: 0 mtr * 1.0 mtr. 1.8 mtr * 0.9 mtr
  • Color: Black unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Any color also available on request.
  • Technical: Tensile strength 50kgf/cm2
  • Particulars: Elongation at break 250%
  • Voltage Test: the rubber mats are tested to pass the voltage test at 15000 volts for one minute without any puncture or warning effect.
  • Breakdown Strength: Shall not fail at less than 40000 volts as per the procedure outlined in IS; 2584/83