Manufactured with hygienic grade nontoxic rubber compound designed for multiple use in

  • Breweries for conveying wine, alcoholic liquors etc.
  • Dairy plants for carrying milk and other dairy products as also edible oils or any other food stuff from one point to another


  • Lining: While, hygienic quality blend of synthetic and natural rubber free from odor, taste or toxic effect.
  • Reinforcement: Rubberized woven textile with or without helical wine as per IS: 280/78.
  • Cover: Blend of natural and synthetic food quality rubber compound, white or coloured cloth, marked finish, odorless, tasteless and free from toxic effect
  • Temperature Range: -400 F to + 200 0F
  • Length: Up to 18.5 meters.



NOTE: Other sizes and pressure rating available on request.