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Anti Static Mat

Anti Static Mat JYOTI

An anti-static floor mat or ground mat is an anti-static device that safeguards an individual or piece of equipment like a PC from an electrostatic discharge (ESD). Computer components that are sensitive to static electricity or ESD are motherboards, CPUs, expansion cards and memory devices.

Antistatic mats are used under keyboards or mice and may also be placed on or under other equipment. They are particularly useful when working on computer components. Once an anti-static mat is grounded, it is important not to lift the component off the mat because it will be susceptible to ESD.


Electrical Insulating Mat

An antistatic floor mat or ground mat is one in every of variety of antistatic devices designed to assist eliminate electricity. It will this by having a controlled low resistance: a metal mat would keep components grounded however would short out exposed parts; associate degree insulating mat give|would offer|would supply} no ground reference then wouldn’t provide grounding. Typical resistance is on the order of one hundred and five to 108 ohms between points on the mat and to ground. The mat would wish to be grounded (earthed). this is often typically accomplished by plugging into the grounded line in associate degree receptacle. it is vital to discharge at a slow rate, thus a resistance ought to be employed in grounding the mat. The resistance, similarly as permitting high-voltage charges to leak through to earth, conjointly prevents a shock hazard once operating with low-tension components. Some ground mats permit you to attach associate degree antistatic articulatio radiocarpea strap to them. Versions square measure designed for placement on each the ground and table.


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