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EPDM Rubber Sheet – Commercial Sheets

“JYOTI” EPDM Rubber Sheet is black rubber sheet made from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer,
commonly known, as EPDM Rubber Sheet. EPDM has high temperature resistance and chemical resistance to acids and
alkalis. It is UV stable making it highly resistant to ozone effects and extreme weather conditions and
is ideal for long term outdoor applications.

EPDM Rubber Sheet


  • Rubber composition: Manufactured out of Rubber compound of high quality Natural or Synthetic rubber or a blend thereof.
  • Reinforcement: The reinforcement fabric used shall have a minimum breaking load of 120 N/cm widths for both warp and weft direction.
  • Color & Finish: Unless otherwise specified, colour shall be off-white having cloth marked finish on both surfaces
  • Sizes: the thickness of the sheet, permissible tolerances, number of fabric plies.


Same as given under Nitrile sheets Insertion Rubber Sheet Used between flanges and similar joints subjected to water & air pressure.


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