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Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat IEC 61111

  • Anti-slip finish. Confirming to slip-resistant test
  • Resistant to acid, oil and low temperatures.
  • Ozone, UV and weather resistant.
  • Permanent marking.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Highly durable & quality rubber compound.
  • Fully tested to specification IEC 61111:2009.
  • Provides safety for operators against electrical shock.
  • High electrical resistance up to 50 kV/50000 volts.
  • Suitable for both AC and DC applications.
  • Health and safety regulation halogen-free, flame retardant material.
  • Highly flexible mats with a self-gripping design.
  • Anti-fatigue properties, comfortable while standing for long periods.


“Here at JYOTI RUBBER, we design and manufacture an extensive range of insulating rubber mat (safety) matting products. We also provide experience in supplying rubber safety products to customers all around the world, for use in a variety of applications. Let Our Company take care of all your electrical safety matting needs.”


Our electrical safety matting is full as per BS EN 61111:2009; the industry standard since the withdrawal of the now obsolete BS 921:1976. This electrical safety matting is available in 5 different classes(0-4) and consists of a fine button pattern, non-slip surface.

In accordance with the IEC 61111:2009 requirements, the underside of the mat consists of coded text to denote the working voltage and class. We supply the full class range: class 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 grades from 1000 volts working to 36000 volts working.


Product Code Class Stock Thickness Roll Size Max. Use Voltage Proof Voltage Withstand Voltage
JYO1200 0 3mm 1m x 10m 1000 Volts 5000 Volts 10000 Volts
JY01201 1 3mm 1m x 10m 7500 Volts 10000 Volts 20000 Volts
JY01202 2 4mm 1m x 10m 17000 Volts 20000 Volts 30000 Volts
JY01203 3 5mm 1m x 10m 26500 Volts 30000 Volts 40000 Volts
JY01204 4 6mm 1m x 10m 36000 Volts 40000 Volts 50000 Volts


Properties Values
Material Rubber Elastomer
Colour Black I Blue
Hardness 65° (Shore A)
Density 1.4 (Specific Gravity)
Tensile Strength 701(g I cm2
Elongation Break Point 300% (Minimum)
Minimum Temperature – 40°C
Maximum Temperature +70°C
Flame Retardant Test (Pass) – Flame shall not reach any point on a 50mm circle
Acid Resistance Test (Pass) – Min. 75% retention 6 no breakdown on specified voltage
Oil Resistance Test (Pass) – Min. 75% retention & no breakdown on specified voltage






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