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Chequered Electrical Mats

Chequered Electrical Mats

Electrical mats are used as a floor covering around electrical panels as a safeguard to the life and limb of the workmen due to possible leakage of current and short circuit. Rubber mars are used in power generation plants, sub-stations, workshops etc

Exceptional features:

JYOTI the only manufacturers in the whole of North India to have been granted Certification Mark License for Rubber Mats as per IS- 5424


Composition Manufactured out of rubber   compound of high-quality Natural Rubber.
Surface The rubber mats have chequered, anti-skid fluted design   or plain on one side and plain at the bottom as per the requirement of the   purchaser.
Thickness Range 5mm to 25mm for chequered or fluted 6.5mm to 25 mm for   plain.
Length* Width 0 mtr * 1.0 mtr. 1.8   mtr * 0.9 mtr
Colour Black unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Any   colour is also available on request.
Technical Tensile strength 50kgf/cm2
Particulars Elongation at break 250%
Voltage Test the rubber mats are tested to pass the voltage test at   15000 volts for one minute without any puncture or warning effect.
Breakdown Strength Shall not fail at less than 40000 volts as per the   procedure outlined in IS; 2584/83



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