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Bridge Bearing Pads As Per IRC:83

Bridge Bearing Pads As Per IRC:83


Elastomeric bearings are intended for common use in road bridges. The bearing consisting of one or more internal layers of elastomer is bonded to internal sheet laminates by the process of vulcanization. The bearing caters for translation and/or rotation of the superstructure by elastic deformation


Chloroprene with low crystallization rate only is used in the manufacturing of bearing. The elastomeric bearing consists of one or more internal elastomer layers. The layer of reinforcing material is integrally bonded to elastomer during vulcanization.


  • The internal layers of elastomer are of equal thickness having elastomer cover on top, bottom and slider and entire bearing are vulcanized as a single homogeneous block.
  • The top and bottom elastomer surface directly bear on the structure faces and any displacement of bearing is safeguarded by only interface friction without any aid of adhesive or other external anchoring.
  • No dowel holes in elastomer and laminates are provided including those filled in subsequently
  • The minimum adhesion strength of elastomer to a steel plate is 7KN/m


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