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Air/Pneumatic/Rockdrill Hose

Key Features of Rockdrill Hose

Type 1 & 2 of the hose have multiple application for use with Compressors and other equipment’s, as a pneumatic tool for engineering purposes.
Type 3 hose finds its use in deep excavation operations undertaken in mines, construction of hydel projects, dams & whatever drilling is required in hilly and rocky terrains.

Air/Pneumatic/Rockdrill Hose
(CONFORMING TO IS: 446/1987)

Exceptional Features:

JYOTI has the distinction of having ISI Certification Mark License for the complete range of hoses covering both woven textiles & braided rayon reinforcements for all types i.e., TYPE – I, Type – II & Type – III.


  • Lining: Uniform Seamless lining made from a blend of Natural & Synthetic rubber compound. In addition, for Type- 3 hoses lining is resistant to oil mist.
  • Reinforcement: Plies of woven textile or braiding of high strength synthetic fibre.
  • Cover: Smooth or cloth marked finish, abrasion and weather resistant natural rubber compound.
  • Temperature Range : – 310 F to +158 0F
  • Length: Mandrel made hoses 18.5 meters maximum, Moulded braided hoses in continuous long lengths.
  • NOTE: The hoses above 25 mm size are mostly available in 18 meters length and made on a mandrel

Air Hose



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