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Insulating Mat For Electrical Purpose

Insulating Mat for Electrical Purposes offered is available in a wide range of finish choices so as to perfectly match up with the working requirements of the customers. For superior performance, these mats are developed using electrical resistant elastomer comprising use of latex/elastomeric/ rubber compound so as to meet the demands of covering floors that provide suitable protection to workers. Some of its features include mats free from any insertions, choice of natural/synthetic finish, featuring high level of di-electrical strength up to 65000 volts, coming with 1494000 mega ohm insulation resistance support, superior mechanical properties for overcoming movement of breaker trolleys and other electrical equipment.We are engaged in offering a wide range of Electrical Insulation Synthetic Mat to our valuable customers. These Insulating Mats are developed using electrical resistant elastomer, which includes rubbers, latex and elastomeric compound.
As a result, these mats are used to cover floor for the protection of workers on AC & DC installations with the system voltages up to 66 KV AC & 240 V DC. These mats are free from any insertions and are available in natural or synthetic.

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