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Electrical Mat – Insulating Mat for Electrical Purpose


Our Electrical Insulation Mats are very much required to ensure complete safety in performing any type of electrical operation, be it generation, transmission, distribution or use. The super safe Poly Electro Safe Mat provided by us provides complete safety from shocks and therefore ideally recommended for workmen who manage electrical applications.

Attributes / Features:

  • High level of dielectrical strength upto 65000 volts
  • Complies to is: 15652/2006 (latest)
  • 1494000 mega ohm insulation resistance
  • Controls fire
  • Excellent mechanical properties to overcome movement of breaker trolleys and associated electrical equipment such as heavy foot traffic
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and transformer oil
  • Fabricated without any use of metallic derivatives
  • Ideally suited for both A.C. As well as D.C. Installations
  • Convenient paste based installation
  • Resistant to moisture and water i.e. Zero corrosion
  • High tensile strength
  • Superior elongation properties

Ideal To Be Used For Operations Related To:

  • High Voltage Panels
  • Sub-station
  • Power Transformer Rooms
  • LT & HT Labs
  • Near Bus bars
  • ear Control Panels

Products Tested By Reputed Agencies Such As:

  • CPRI (Central Power Research Institute)
  • ERDA (Electrical Research & Development Association)
  • The Leading Research and Test House for Power in India


Proof voltage:

  • Class Voltage Systems Thickness
  • Up to 3.3 KV 2.0 mm thick
  • Above 3.3 to 11 KV 2.5 mm thick
  • 11 KV to 65 KV 3.0 mm thick

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